I asked Dad if he would write up a story for the Web site that explained how the Nary’s Bandits golfing buddies group got started. It was there on the chair for me when I arrived home the night before his 93rd Birthday, 2008.

We came about at Bonita Golf Course. The members had group teeing-off at about 8:30 every Thursday morning. Sometimes they didn’t have enough players to fill the 4-some, so I asked for their starting time and got it.

Bob Henson was a pro from Carlton Oaks. He just moved to Chula Vista and asked to play with us one day. He wasn’t a hustler and didn’t want to play for too much money and that suited us perfectly.

Gene Jackson was one of the original members of The Bandits, but he withdrew when he had a wrist injury. The spot is open whenever he feels like playing. At present, he is the head man in the slot machine department at the Sycuan Indian gambling Resort. They discontinued the horse races there. So I quit going out there. It’s 24 ½ miles from my home—and with the climbing price of gasoline—‘nuf said!

Ben Byrd got to us one morning and joined us. He was very much liked and not much money ever changed hands and we had beers after every round. We took in Tony Atkins one day and he also fit in our 4-some perfectly. So that was it! We all played to our handicaps, so not too much money was ever lost or won.

We lost Tony one morning [December 14, 2006]. He was my partner and was riding in my cart. He leaned backward with his head on my shoulder. Ben and Bob got to their ball and looked back at Tony and me, asking if anything was wrong. I said, “Yes; I think Tony has passed out. Yes; he’s dead.” Ben and Bob gave him artificial respiration and then they called the starter and had an ambulance take Tony to the hospital; but Tony was gone. We sure miss him.

We get lots of players wanting to join the Bandits, but we’re not expanding our group. We take on Clark Renner, who is pro at Rancho Carlsbad Executive Golf Course, once in a while; and a friend of Ben’s, Wayne McCollum, a golf magazine editor. They are super and fits in perfectly with our Bandits. Also, an employee at the driving range, DJ, joins us once in a while. But we try to keep it to a 4-some or a 5-some.

It’s something to look forward to. And it was nice of Bob Henson to call me today [Thursday, 19 June 2008] when I quit after 9 holes. He said my face was very red when I quit.

Yes! That's Nary's Bandits! We're a caring group.

And when I get home I have a Margarita. I’m not squawking about my life! Bad booze, fast women, and slow horses!