Bill's later years were filled with family, friends, and celebrations as well as teaching golf at Bonita Golf Club, to his “special family” Leticia, Jesús, Leti, and Neyla Macarty. He also watched golf and followed the San Diego Padres and Chargers on TV.  He enjoyed dinner and margaritas with his daughter Cathy, who was blessed to be able to share 2004 - 2011 under the same roof while caregiving.

One of his most memorable highlights during these years was his 90th Birthday Party: "Nary Scores 90--Years, That Is." He truly enjoyed “The Bill Nary Golf Tournament and Dinner.” He had all his golfing buddies together, and Ben Higgins from the ABC affiliate 10 News, was the event’s emcee. Daughter Cathy presented Bill with a card from Byron Nelson.  The family along with Barbara Rice worked with Bill for names and stories about his career, got to know more about his professional career, and came to admire him as a golfer and a teacher. (His family already loved and respected him as a father and grandfather.)

Barbara Rice, an LPGA pro taught by Bill, really helped his family to understand how revered he was as a golfer, teacher, and a gentleman. Barbara contacted other golfers interested in playing in the tournament. She also spent hours assisting with just the right wording on the plaque that Russ and Bill Osgood, original owners of Bonita Golf Club, presented to Bill during the awards portion of the birthday celebration.

Grandson, William R. Nary (better known as "Will"), scanned in the last several photos and put the finishing touches on the Slide Show, which played during the dinner portion of the party.  All the grandsons, Will, Jacob, and Sam, assisted as they drove around town with Aunt Cathy to pick up flowers and a helium tank on the way to the golf course. "Da Boys" also decorated the room and filled the balloons, a perfect job for them at their ages at the time: 12, 10, and 8, respectively.

Everyone who had special meaning to Bill was present or played a part in making the party a success. And, thanks to Bill, the family learned a great lesson in life: delegate!

Enjoy these photos!